This course will help you learn about ACS and begin to see where you fit, how you can benefit personally and professionally, and how you can contribute in setting the future direction of ACS.

This course helps you gain information about projects and volunteer assignments so that you can clearly understand the scope of the project, resources, timelines, and expectations, in order to make the best decision about volunteering opportunities.

Missed deadlines, cost overruns, and unattained goals, all result from projects not being managed effectively. Learn a practical 5-step process that will improve your ability to lead projects to completion – on time, within budget, optimizing your resources, and achieving your goals

Matching Interests with Goals is a unique online course that helps you gain a better understanding of what you want; what interests you; what will help you move your career in the direction you want; and what you can bring to the project.

There is a skill to running effective meetings. Do you know what it takes to conduct an effective meeting and involve team members in the decision-making and activities? Learn how to leverage this key leadership tool to make the most of their time, talents, and resources to effectively and efficiently accomplish team projects.

Effective succession planning ensures that your accumulated knowledge and experience is not lost and lays the foundation for smooth leadership transitions. Learn practical skills necessary to ensuring the future success of your section, division, region or committee as the baton is passed.

Leading in a complex professional association like ACS can be challenging, particularly if you are unfamiliar with the diverse group of members and their diverse interests. Yet, understanding the members can mean the difference between having a clear vision for your unit and wasting valuable time and resources on misaligned priorities.